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Frequently Asked Questions


Once your wedding is booked, the real fun begins!


TRIAL - Your trial is where you get to explore and solidify your bridal hair & makeup look.

60 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING- In your contract you signed, it states that the final count is due 60 days before the wedding. Please add a reminder on your phone to submit any contract changes (number of services) on this 60 day mark to avoid having to pay for services you no longer need. 

THE WEEK BEFORE - A week or two before your wedding, you will receive a final confirmation from us detailing times, services, and location. If any changes or additions need to be made, just let us know!

THE BIG DAY - Your team of professionals will arrive, get set up, and get glam-ing.

AFTER WE'RE DONE- We appreciate any gratuity given and a review on Wedding Wire and The Knot! We love reviews as its truly the gift that keeps on giving.


How do I book my wedding with Ciao Bella Beauty Co.?

  1. Fill out our contact form on the Contact page.

  2. We will send you a quote.

  3. If everything looks good we will send you a contract.

  4. Send us your completed contract and a $200 non-refundable deposit

  5. And your wedding is booked!


How do I reserve my date?

We require a $200 non-refundable deposit and signed contract to reserve your date. The $200 deposit goes towards your services.

Do I need to know how many people want their hair and makeup done?

When you are signing your contract, yes! Try do get your people to commit. We know it’s hard, especially with these things usually being booked out so far in advance. Our general rule is that you can usually add a couple services up to a week before your wedding, but you can't take them away once its 60 days before your wedding.


When should I book my trial?

We suggest booking your hair and makeup trials at least a 3 month in advance if not sooner, but sometime brides don’t live locally and we have to do their trial just days before the wedding. That’s fine too.

Where will we do my trial?

Depends on who is you're lead artist. 

Can I do a trial before actually booking?

Certainly! The only challenging thing about that is, we book up our wedding dates really fast, so you don't want to wait too long to do your trial.


Do you require a trial?

We don’t require them, but highly recommend. That way you can see how you will look on your wedding day and meet your artist. It also lets your artist get to know your hair and skin and if there are any professional suggestions that they have that can help amplify the desired look.

Some suggestions we recommend for a successful trial is:

1. Wear white (it's hard to imagine yourself as a bride in blue etc.)

2. Try to wear a similar neckline to your dress if possible.

3. Bring pictures of styles that you love.

4. Bring pictures of styles you dislike. 

5. Bring your veil and earrings/necklace if available.

Hair & Makeup

How should my bridal party and I prepare and what do we need to bring?

Blowouts: Should come with clean, damp hair.

Updo's: Dry hair that is free of product or hairspray. If you prefer your hair clean, then wash it the morning of, if you like it a little lived-in, then do your thing.

Makeup: A clean face. Bring any lipstick/gloss that you want to wear for the day of. We do have lipstick, however you are probably going to need to be touching it up throughout the day, so it is best to have your own.

Tell me about airbrush makeup.

We do all of our foundation using airbrush foundation. Airbrush makeup will last all day and is great for every skin type. With airbrush, we have the control to make your foundation as sheer or as full coverage as you need. It is also remarkable at covering up blemishes, acne, scarring, birthmarks, tattoos, pretty much anything. In our eyes, airbrush makeup isn't an upgrade, it's the only way because it is simply the best product to be using for your wedding day! We can custom mix colors to match any skin tone and make everyone feel like a movie star.



I already have a hairstylist for my wedding can you guys just do the makeup (or vise versa)?

Totally! We love working with and making new friends in our industry!


How many professionals will there be for my wedding?

As many as we need to complete your wedding party! The average wedding requires 1-4 professionals, but we have had to bring more for very large wedding parties. If you really want to know about your specific party size and timing, just ask.

Do you travel?

We do travel up to 45 miles from our Camarillo, CA for free after that we do implement a small travel fee.

How do we pay?

Your deposit can be done by Check, Venmo or Zelle . The remaining balance is paid 2 weeks before your wedding day.

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